Many families choose to move to Tampa, Florida due to an irresistible job offer that may only come along once in a lifetime. This alone may seem like a good enough reason to call Florida home, but it’s well worth noting that this area isn’t for everyone. It makes sense to weigh the pros and cons of living in the area before choosing to move!


*Tampa is a relatively inexpensive city to move to. In fact, it’s one of the most affordable places in the south where someone can own beach property without breaking the bank. With a local population of about 380,000 residents, it’s still small enough to enjoy but big enough to invest in.

*Some of the most diverse educational programs can be found in Tampa, which is a blessing for parents with school-age children. In fact, kids who go to school in Tampa will have the benefit of having numerous educational resources at their disposal.

*Many neighborhoods in Tampa are still underdeveloped and have historic charm that many families enjoy. There are plenty of hidden gems in the local suburbs that are safe from crime and offer a wholesome family experience.

*Families will never be bored as there’s something to enjoy for people of all ages. The zoo is a fantastic way to learn about animals, the nightlife can help people unwind, and the museums as well as local culture offers a view into Florida’s past.


*Unfortunately, Tampa is not the most progressive city when it comes to finding work. Those in the healthcare, shipping and banking industries can find work, but very little else is available. It’s likely that jobs will increase in the future, but until then, people must wait.

*Living in Tampa will generally require you to invest in a car. It’s possible to make-do without one, but it certainly wouldn’t be easy to get around the vast distances. Public transportation isn’t all that prevalent in Tampa, therefore, new residents must consider their commutes.

Moving to Tampa, Florida certainly comes with its own pros and cons. Some people may love the quieter life and the sunny weather, whereas, other people looking to focus on their careers or invest in property may need to look elsewhere to make their dreams come true. In any case, it has been proven time and again that Tampa is great for families and those that want a good education.